Country Living Fair 2007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Our vintage-y cabinet that we added our "bird" & novelties on the glass

Our booth, with some of our hand crafted prize ribbons, which is part of our Trophy Co. line

Country Living Fair 2007

We feel completely humbled by the response to our booth at the fair. We have received numerous phone calls and e-mails from excited customers who would like to venture to our store. THANK YOU! We wanted to bring a taste of our store to the fair complete with our colored tissue. I met customers in the hallway at our hotel, which was booked! Darcy & I went to our van at the hotel to get some things in the evening---every door we passed exuded women's laughter, I think the whole hotel was filled with Country Living fans. Today at the store a customer told us she & her husband was sent to Kentucky to find a hotel, which was booked with a wedding, so turned around and finally someone found them a bed & breakfast with only a twin bed. The couple took it after 2 hours of searching! They were so glad they came (yes, really). Country Living has received unhappy comments but we would like to add they didn't know 3 times the people would show up. We were floored also! Last but not least----to Abby of The Blissful and Rebecca of a la mode design, our friends through blogging, we got to meet for the first time there! I wish we would've spent more time with them, I think a trip must be planned to Canton, Ohio! So glad to meet both of you! (love your new website & blog Abby, it's perfect!)
AND, to the other vendors that we got to meet again after too long of a time:
Judith & Karla of Bloomsbury Loft in Powell, Ohio--where vintage meets modern
Lisa Norris of Made by One Girl in Chattanooga, Tennessee--who states "if it's perfect, I didn't make it!" (we love that)
AND, to the new vendor we met, Rebecca of Rebecca Ray Designs, who designs purses made by the Amish community and was picked by Country Living as one of the "pitch your product" winners held this past March. Watch your magazine as she will be featured in 2 weeks.
Enjoy your week!
Best, Kara & Darcy


melissa @ the inspired room said...

So, so exciting! Wish I could've been there! And how cool that you got to meet Abby in person! :-) Someday, I will meet you BOTH!

McMaster & Storm said...

Hey you! You must be updating your site this eve. as well. Need to check yours out as I have been busy getting the store back in order. We are so excited to have met Abby!

diane said...

Your store is stunning...if only I lived closer so I could visit in person. I have to spend more time looking through your previous posts.

I do have a question about the little flowers in the first photo in your September 21st post. They look like little velvet that what they are? I would love to find out more about the price, size and colors. Thanks!

The Blissful said...

Kara & Darcy--

Meeting you and taking in the delightful wonders of your booth was the HIGHLIGHT of my time at the CL Fair. You are both so sweet & gracious & FUNNY!!! I am sporting my McMaster & Storm tee in the shop today, as a matter of fact.

Hope you both have a GREAT week and a good time putting your shop back together. I can only imagine! :)


deb said...

Oh my goodness!! Such lovely things. Wish so much I could have attended!!

a la mode designs said...

Hi, Kara & Darcy!

It was such a delight to meet you at the CL Fair and to lavish in all the fabulous beholdings and delights from your shop. Your booth stole the show!

You are both so gracious and so fun and I very much look forward to taking a road trip soon to visit your shop. What a delight it will be! :)

Talk to you soon,

Teresa (French Poppy) said...

I wish I could have been there! Your displays are fantastic! Thanks for sharing your photos!


Anonymous said...

Looks like all your hard work payed off!! How exciting! Can't wait to hear about it!

tongue in cheek said...

What a feast for the eyes! I want to jump through my computer screen and be there!

annie said...

Oh I wish I could shop there!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

oh my! No wonder that there was excitement around your booth. yikes,it looks simply heavenly!
wish I were there.

Joy said...



*heart swooning* over your photos and booth. Wish I lived closer!

Dorian Fletcher said...

I found your blog via Tongue in Cheek - imagine my surprise to find out that Kara used to be the proprietress of the wonderful Paris Flea Market in Turlock, CA! I used to be one of your customers - and California's loss is certainly Ohio's gain. Your Ohio shop looks to be every bit as charming. Bonne Chance!