Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"our little man spinning"

Lately it's been a whirlwind, editing orders, adding this & that and yes, canceling those that don't fit into our "look". We're orchestrating many orders to present our identity: McMaster & Storm. I would rather the goods "poof" & they're at our back door ready for Darcy & I to prepare them for auditions before we put the goods "on stage"! Don't worry though this will be our 3rd season here and it'll be the best "evah"!

So if your spinning don't worry you'll eventually stop! Enjoy the rest of summer, the days are getting slightly shorter and the locusts sound different----

Coming soon details on the Country Living Fair!!!!!

summer fun at Greenville park


Anonymous said...

When is the Darke County Fair?

Anonymous said...

the Darke County Fair is August 17th through the 25th this year! Make sure you take time to go to McMaster and Storm while in Greenville! it is definitely worth a trip just to see the store. and be prepared to buy - you won't be able to resist!!!!!!!!!
Jill Flory

McMaster & Storm said...

Legend has it the Darke County Fair is one of the nation's largest county fairs.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Thanks for coming by my blog, it was fun looking around at what you do! Looks like a fun shop!

The Blissful Home said...

Hi, Darcy & Kara--

LOVE how you put this: "we are orchestrating our ordering to present our identity: McMaster & Storm." Yes, that's it EXACTLY, and good for you! We are doing the same as we round out our fall and winter ordering and contemplate Spring. This is what keeps little shops like ours fresh, current, unique, and absolutely unduplicated.


McMaster & Storm said...

yes, abby you know the challenge & it is what sets the independent retailers apart from those BIG stores. i have a NYC customer that comes to visit her grandmother @ least twice a year and her first stop after landing is our store. those customers make "crescendos" for our little shops. it's these victory's that make all our hard work seem, well not so hard.