Dog Days of Summer

Monday, August 6, 2007

summer 2007
I'm so glad it's not snowing, BUT the humidity was out of control today. I made the heat bearable by eating lots of ice cream. Can you believe the recommended serving is 1/2 cup! I think a whole bowl full is the right amount!

Need to post pictures of Annie Oakley days before it's old news. I've been out of blog mode as lighting struck our transformer and caused a short in our wiring, so it's been touch & go with the internet lately until we rewire.

"little sure shot"
she stands quietly overlooking our downtown

Our Annie Oakley t-shirts call us if you want to purchase $23 for womens & $20 for girls pre-washed & bella brand made in the USA
Sara & McKell thanks for all your help
love you both!


Anonymous said...

Like the tee shirts perhaps several color combos would be saleable

bloomsbury loft said...

hi kara and darcy. I've added you to the "latest finds" section of our web site. check it out. your picture is sweet.
hope to see you soon!!