Country Living Fair 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

It's official! We are doing the Country Living Fair fair--it's our 4th year out of the 6 years held in O-{HI}-O! Making lists......

I woke up bright & early on Wednesday. Sure, I could've slept in, the littles were at a campfire/sleepover event! I wanted to head out and see what the day would bring instead. {I could sleep in another day!} I rang my mom to see if she wanted to go along.  {she thought something was amiss since she got an early call from me!}

What an amazing morning......I told Matt I need to wake up earlier, I'm missing a lot! {he laughed, he knows I like to sleep in to-the-very-last-minute!}
A favorite scene that I travel by often, it's on my way to both our parent's....I never tire of it!
We headed to new places and what a treat! A little church, the oldest in Indiana, complete with rifle holes. Early settler life in the Midwest! A self guided tour of history and only took a bit--worth stopping at these places.
Vintage Navajo rugs, they were pricey, but I'm sure worth that. I did find lots of fun things to add into our mix for the fair.
A favorite stop and love the shopkeeper. We exchanged encouraging words and was happy we stopped in,  almost didn't!
Shopkeeping display of forks-----

My favorite; vintage NCR cash registers as they are from Ohio, so they get my applause.
{they are so pretty--}

Corn & more corn! We are surrounded this year--because of the rotation of crops. {on all four sides of our house!}
Drying down for harvest-- Did you know the leaves were created like boats, the rainwater rolls down the center of the leaves down to the roots where it's needed the most?!
 {via Pinterest}
I have tried to check different things this summer and have found inspiration in the oddest places! What a treat!


Sarah Beth said...

I am so excited that you will be at the Fair this year!! I haven't missed a year yet! I LOVE it!! Your booth is always so fun and lovely!! Looking forward to it!!

McMaster & Storm said...

I can't wait to see old & new friends.....

andrea creates said...

can't wait to see ~ we're planning a trip and have been 3 years in a row :)

McMaster & Storm said...

We will finally get to meet, Andrea....we are planning some fun things! Have you ever thought about setting up there?
See you in a month--- :)

Anonymous said...

So, so excited for you to be doing the Country Living Fair!!! I have always wanted to go, but unfortunately, I'm a little too far.
It looks like you had a great day with your Mom, and I never knew that about the corn leaves!
Have a beautiful weekend.

Jen Kershner said...

Oh how I long to be there! The one near Cincinnati is where I discovered you in the first place.

P.S. I'm going to be mentioning the European Fastener in my next blog post. It's one of my all time favorite things. Ever.