The Weekend Flea!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Off we go to flea, flea, flea---------I purchased the power breakfast sandwich at Panera that morning and had a yummy black cherry smoothie. Hope that made up for the bucket of fries I had later for lunch?? Ok, I did share with Jill!
Loving the packaging around this remnant piece. They were into the details back-in-the-day!
Some yardage of  vintage fabric I purchased that I will have my talented seamstress make into bags for me. Please note I do more for her than just make her chocolate brownies for sewing! I was laughing at my slipcover post and realized that people must think she is crazy!! 

What are the odds? I found a locket with the initials "M B" on it. How perfect for McKell's 13th birthday! I hope to finish making a necklace of some sort with  her birthday, August 22nd & along with Zach's baby book......before baby #3 arrives! Say a prayer for me!

 McKell's middle initial is "B" and what are the chances of finding something like that? I was even more tickled that I wasn't even looking for such a petite thing!
{p.s. we have no idea what we're having, this is new for us as we knew with the other two--surprise, suprise!}
I came across a huge, thick book from Sherwin-Williams, circa 1941 on painting your home from the inside out. Oh, the architecture it contained, loving this! I'm smitten by 1920's t0 1940's homes.  This book contains a wealth of pictures for me to digest, so happy I did indeed buy it. The price was friendly to boot!
Love, love steep roof lines.........
Exterior paint samples from the book---everything was intact and in superb condition!
Looky at the cute outdoor furniture & the paint schemes........
While we were cutting between a tent I spotted this. I have no idea what it was used for, but my plants seem happy in it. There is a larger opening in the center and stuck a yet to be planted 1 gallon peony in it. I plan on using this for a Clover & Bee project. 
{always take the less traveled path---never know what you'll spot!}

Enjoy your week!


andrea creates said...

What great finds - I love love love millinery flowers :)
Have a great week!