Saturday, April 24, 2010

{freshly painted cabinet}

It has been awhile! 

Yesterday was a good day, not extraordinary just good. Started off with thick slices of french toast---plenty of almond extract and cinnamon in the egg mixture. Fresh mangos and yogurt made them complete. Yum. 

{light in our bedroom}

Sunny 1st half of the day, wandering outside with the kids soaking up the sun. 
Even the afternoon was lovely turning into grey clouds and a soft rain coming down, my favorite.
{this is one of my lifesaver storage solutions, baskets are a favorite}

The last 2 weeks brought a flurry of change, painting 2 rooms a rich cream color with a little lamp black and yellow ochre in the paint mixture. Really just a good backdrop color for a 140 year old farmhouse. 
I painted 4 other smaller projects: inside of this cabinet & the cabinets above. I have another one that needs a couple more things done to it before I post it. Spring a time for change!
A light against freshly painted walls. Some touch up work to do, couple places need to have another coat where we missed on the ceiling. This is best done early morning. We have a hallway & dining room to finish painting. All of our main rooms downstairs will be the same color so everything flows.
New baskets for the website---I have emailed our designer and hope to get started on the big task of reworking things.

 I have enjoyed getting our house worked on, sometimes need to do somethings for me!!  Although after painting we need to focus on mudroom/laundry too. {deadline June1st, hmmm} I know we kind of got sidetracked, but we did need to paint. 

On another note Darcy is recovering from a bulging disc & something else {I can't remember} and is to be doing absolutely nothing for the next 3 weeks. Her entire summer will be recovering as they want to avoid surgery. 

She is home from the hospital and she is a doer so this will be an adjustment for her. I feel so bad for her as she has been in severe pain for over a week. Thank goodness for the medicine she is on for relief.  I hope to see her soon, with some treats in hand.

Have a lovely weekend dear friends...........


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Gorgeous pics! I will probably need to see this farmhouse of yours, one of these days. :) Also, we had French toast this a.m. made from Apple Fritter bread! Yum. Give Darcy our best!!

Melony Bradley said...

Love looking at these pictures. Adore the french enamaled number in the glass vase with the shells- so inspiring. I made a pact with myself recently that I would take weekend time to freshen up my house, instead of always focusing on client work- sewing curtains today