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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two exciting things to mention! Above photo is story board made by our friend "down South" Liz Demos. She is taking the plunge and doing events and weddings. This story board made us swa-woon with delight! She will have a website up soon for her details on all things good & lovely.

Kara will be seeing her next week as she is taking a trip to see Savannah. Read an old post here on what hilarious Darcy wrote about her. It's been since 2003 that Kara was there so she's looking forward to sa-weet tea! Kara promises everyone waves to anyone down there, truly, really it is so!

Now, TA-DA........
We scouted this event last evening on French General's blog and "whew" this event makes us dizzy just thinking about it! You should see the lineup of instructors: Kaari Meng, Amy Butler,
Wendy Addison, Marcia Ceppos, Charlotte Lyons, Matthew Mead and more. Sign up is September 1st and we truly believe it will be sold out in minutes. We hope we can make this ball of an event.
We have enjoyed working with Kaari, Amy & Wendy, Marcia but the others will be {oh, we hope we can go} new to us. The added benefit is it's in St. Louis and that's only a 5 hour drive from us. Road trip= antiquing on the way, laughs, fun, creativit-y, eating {of course}, coffee and ME studio will be open for tours. How fun is that! OK, girls let's go!
Can't wait! Who plans to go???

Meanwhile, we are plowing through pricing things for the CL fair. Please say a prayer for us; our piles of work are not dwindling very fast. Yesterday Kara was so distracted that she gave her 6 month old a Dum-Dum lollipop instead of her 3.5 year old! True Story. Zach loved it, he had it sucked down to almost nothing. He started squealing because it fell out of his mouth and he couldn't get that sweetness. No wonder he was quiet and happy for 10 minutes! Please don't tell the National Academy of Pediatrics, Kara would be on their billboard in short order on the dangers of giving sugar to babies......... that's all folks!

Have a lovel-y, beautiful weekend gals!

Kara + Darcy


alee said...

Hey Girls!
Love the inspiration board!
& I been peeking at Liz's blog for awhile now ...I am literally riveted - it looks like a grand place to shop {definetly on my to-do list when I visit Georgia!}

Jill Elaine said...

Sounds fun, can I go with you??!!

tabitha said...

funny...the sucker and the baby! doing tiny shows, i can only try to imagine what kind of work you girls have going on to get ready for the CL Fair! good luck!

Michelle M White said...

We are going! We hope you go too...we want to meet you!!!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi there!
My name is Susie Harris and I was the one that had called yesterday about the boxwood it! I sent a contact memo but not sure it went through. I was having trouble with it. Just thought I would leave a comment here just in case with my blog info. I would love to purchase two of the garlands via paypal. If you could please send me an envoice. Thanks Susie!