Simon & Cricker's Westy Adventure

Sunday, May 24, 2009

If you're tired of peeking on us!

meanwhile, here's something to peek at......

2 boys {I mean "guys", what was I thinking}

heading west

in a restored "tricked out" VW bus

across our country VA to CA

perfect citrus-y yellow color {so kate spade}

pop -up -thing-y on top is too cute.....

please wish them well

{we don't know them personally} although I'm sure they are heading to our church
conference out west.

{just through joni, and she's tired of waiting on our big change!}

this reminds me of my {kara's} big adventure west in 1994

don't you just love their title!

send them wishes please, this is too cute!

& yes, for those wondering if we're ok...we are!
keep peeking!


Minister Grace said...

I guess I will keep peeking if you're going to be nice enough for the link.

Love the Westy Adventure blog, too. I have one jealous husband and two awed boys.

I took a cross country trip also. In an Acura.