"What Floor?"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going shopping with the girls......"what floor, ladies".......
4th floor: bits & pieces---
3rd floor housewares: favorite white french porcelain, linens from Belgium {these last for years to come}
2nd floor baubles and bits.......oh that matches your personality to a "T".
top floor: petite department store cafe, coffee and shopping a perfect pair!
5th floor: apothecary-- french soaps the smell of spring, I need a box.
Sales clerk's tools of choice

lower level: custom fitting is needed today
7th floor: Interior design services are complimentary.
A petite department store speciality: wrapping to the hilt & then some!
1st floor: perfumerie
guest services: custom gold stamping on a few gifts.
a restroom break ---of course we need to all go in {we're gals you know} "do I have anything in my teeth?"
Outside of petite cafe: chocolate need we say more, candy is a must today!
11th floor: china and sparkly things for entertaining at home.

10th floor: home furnishings, making it lovely.
This we must try on........
"Oh, look at the lovely wrapping!"
It's almost Easter we need these yummy chocolate eggs......these you can break!
Up to the 9th floor: the paperie, a place to be inspired.
8th floor: a bevy of ribbons, trims, fabrics and other "petite" things.
"Where's your mother"!
Afternoon tea break, good to the last crumb.
6th floor: Euro style storage, a favorite.

a sweet bouquet to take home......spring is here!


Kasey said...

cute post girlies.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post!! cute stuff!

Tara said...

Sorry Girls, fat fingers, that comment was from me!! XO

Andrea Villarreal said...

I love those chocolate eggs!! Thanks for the tour:)

Jeanneoli said...

You guys are so cute!!! I will take one of each:-)

Gabrielle said...

What an adorable post, I'd like to take a visit to all flors please!


What a fun visit...you gals are so cleaver and talented....going back to see again....Judy

Carol Weimer said...

Oh please be sure to take me shopping next time. Such a fun post.

Judith said...

I want to be there... Oh,so lovely!
Lock the door and throw the key!

Honey Bend Vintage said...

This is a very cute post, love the baskets.

Sonya said...

Loved the tour:) Thanks so much!