Taking a week off!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Springfield Flea Market


After a flurry of very busy last 3 weeks we are taking a week off from blogging. Sara cleaned the front of the store since things were moved out for the flea market {thank you, Sara}. The store is fresh and clean. Darcy & I will work out front this week getting things in place from the weekend. We need to ship things out tomorrow and focus on what's to come. We were able to brainstorm in our tent space this past Friday & Saturday on upcoming events and projects for the store. Also, we need to catch up at home with our cleaning and some outside work.

Kara's husband tying knots for some fun customers ----{the true art of flea marketing...getting it all home!}
"Little Darcy" as Kara's little boy calls her!


Lisa said...

I'm a ribbon collector so I love the shelf filled with all the pretty colors.

Amy Bell said...

oh the ribbon and the new shirts are fabulous!!! are you coming to indy anytime soon? would love to do lunch!

Teresa said...

Oooh...I would love to go to a GOOD flea Market- lucky you-

Laura said...

What are the little red letters? those look really cute!

Randi said...

Ah, I was there on Sunday and didn't see you...Darn! Your booth looked lovely...wish I could've seen it in person!!

fated follies studio said...

what fun! thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. jaya is doing so well, i am happy to say. we are back home and everything is going great. thank you.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Always such goodness and happiness here!

love to you,