Love, Darcy

Friday, January 18, 2008

Well, as you all know, Kara is off to more pleasing and warmer climates while I, Darcy am frantic and freezing. Things continue to change @ McMaster and Storm, whether its all good hummmm.!? Our wonderful gal Sara has kept me in line and encourages me when I'm ready to pull the plug!!! And then there's Amber of course, well let's just say, she is a total and complete life saver when I'm at the end of the rope ....stressed beyond return. A big and hearty thanks for their continued support.

I have to say, alot has come to fruition since the abandonment of my loyal business partner!! I"ll admit figuring out a computer is not my cup of tea, (I prefer green with cream and honey). Then add a website layout to that and well enough said : FRAZZLED! But really It's going well considering all the planning, but you know me, MRS. NOW !!!! It's now or never . Keep your eyes peeled because real soon it'll be up and running for all you that can't stop by and see us just on a whim. Our amazing illustrator is working extra hard to finish our artwork, and let me say, oh how wonderfully delightful it is!!

pics coming soon!


holly said...

Can't wait to see all you have in store, Darcy! I think my hubby and I will make a little road trip from Indiana to Ohio to come see your wonderful-looking shop one of these days.

Liz Demos said...

just saw your comment on my blog. I had no idea you would be going to nyigf. I will be there as well. lets catch up over lunch.


Belle said...

Looking forward to seeing the new items in your store and on your site.