Thursday, December 13, 2007

What we've been up to lately:
*A birthday party for Luke
*Darcy has been to a few family gatherings for Christmas already
*Keeping things up at the store---we're shopkeepers trying to keep up with store & home this crazy time of year
*& getting ready to have e-commerce soon! whew!
(and did I mention trying to get Christmas cards done)


Tamara said...

I am so digging that wood-grained gift wrap. Way too cool. And I love the simplicity of your cake decorations.

My family used to have a gifts & antiques shop, and Mom & I always struggled to get our homes decorated while keeping up with the store. It's a labor of love, though, as our families surely deserve as much care and attention as the store! :) Praying for extra energy and special times for you and your family this season.

jill flory said...

Cute, cute, Kara! Even without the stump for a cakestand!! Jessica used mine for Will's cake, can't wait to see a picture!
I like the wood grain wrap too, was going to get some but never go to a Michael's to get it. Maybe next year...!
Keep the pics coming, it's fun to get updates!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love the grained giftwrap and fun cake! What a a great theme- Happy Birthday Luke!

kari & kijsa

decor8 said...

When your e-commerce site is up, please let me know so I can blog it!

my email is decor8blog AT yahoo.com