Letters from France

Monday, July 2, 2007

My mother (
Kara's) cleaned out her attic and promptly hauled boxes up to our house. "They're yours" she exclaimed. I was not thrilled to go through boxes and decide what to keep or throw out.
I was enjoying my evening of mowing, a mindless chore but somewhat enjoyable to me. My 19 mo. old loved being up in the truck helping us sort out childhood toys, & other school days ephemera.
I opened one of the apple boxes a medley of scrapbooks and other memento's from H.S. graduation were piled in them. A stack of letters grabbed my attention and the red & blue borders stood out, "Par Avion" stamped on the fronts. They were addressed to my maiden name. The letters were from 1992 and some in 1993. I corresponded to two pen pals in France as I was intrigued by this country since the 7th grade. I didn't write to them for very long, but nonetheless was excited to find the letters as I thought they were thrown out after I moved to California in the fall of 1994. I now have a keen interest in seeing if I can get in touch with Cathy & Nathalie. This was before the days
of e-mail so I hope their families are still there. I know Cathy's village had a pop. of 600, surely I will get a response. I will keep everyone posted to see if I can reconnect with them. I hope so!

*Added note*

Can you help me out?
It's time to paint the trim on our 1840's home. We have a brick house so we need just shutters and fascia painted. I want a European look but formal, the brick is more orange-ish so can't use taupe. (I'm not a taupe person anyway) Our gutters are an antique white.


Anonymous said...

how about a deep golden yellow? not bright but a beautiful yellow that would complement the brick?

Kasey said...

what did you end up painting by the way???