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Thursday, June 7, 2007

We were up till midnight creating visual drama in our store for our Amy Butler event!
I will have 7 little known facts about us up soon. Abby from The Blissful Home in Canton Ohio tagged us!

(7 little known facts about Kara & Darcy)

1. Darcy & Kara were both homecoming queens, K did not have a date for the dance though!

2. Darcy is always prompt & I'm always late.

3. Darcy has a Grandma "Gravy" as she feeds her dogs & cats gravy bread every morning.

4. We both have relatives in Kansas, Kara's are in Sawyer and Darcy's in Quinter.

5. We are both Old German Baptists (what's that?) We are Christians, but in our denomination we wear white prayer coverings.

6. We sometimes have ideas @ the very same time, especially when we are merchandising our store. During the Amy Butler event we ended up wrapping a gifts for a customer with the same combo of matching pink tissue and orange ribbon @ the same time. Weird! This happens alot!

7. We both had previous stores: Kara's in Turlock, CA, Paris Flea Market & Darcy's @ her home, The Clay Pot. Kara met Darcy @ her shop in CA and when Kara moved back to Ohio in 2002, the goal was to open a storefront together.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read your 7 comments!! I'ts been fun finding other shops online through your blog!
See you later today at your Amy Butler event!

McMaster & Storm said...

Thanks jill for your support! Amazing creativity with Amy Butler, Iris from Skin Apothecary & Jeni of Jeni's icecream! I love that Ohio has great talent, the midwest sure has its cream of the crop!
Our customer support is great....we'll keep the events coming!

McMaster & Storm said...
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