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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here's what flew at our spring open house: nests, egg soaps from France, candy, palm crosses, crown of thorns, sheep, Seda France candles, Gianna Rose petite egg soaps, religious postcards, & the classic SALTWATER SANDALS.

Customers our excited to find these hard to find sandals for girls & boys. We have been special ordering adult sizes too.

Thanks to our customer Peg Mennings who traveled to Italy for vacation and picked up a hard to find Italian stapler for us. We sold out of these and the company wasn't importing them anymore. They have a darling small brass colored staple, perfect for our creative projects. I know this has to be one of Peg's more memorable moments in Europe. (right, Peg?) They had to motion with their hands like they were stapling to get the vendor to understand. Sure enough he jumped into his cargo truck and brought one out. Bravo for Peg!

Darcy & I are working on marketing for the exciting Amy Butler event in June. Her new patterns have been a hit.
We were excited to see in Country Living May 2007, their "Notions section" and wouldn't you know it we had one already "going on" in our store. See our previous posts.

We now have one of the new Rosanna collections, colored polka dots on different serving pieces....creamer & sugar, teacups w/saucers, beverage pitcher & teapot perfect for that special gathering. A few of our favorite things!
Kara & Darcy


kristin said...

Instant magique !