Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dear Friends,
The weather is in the single digits and schools have closed and with the advice of family and friends---stay home! I actually feel very guilty about closing. I know the weather is calling for a snow warning, ahhhh winter in the Midwest!
Mondays are my day for "home" stuff, as cleaning and "fluffing" our home, it's a way I get recharged for the store. My home is my inspiration by taking our things and moving them around or adding ribbon, etc. that gets me going. By Tuesday I'm ready to take on the store.
Darcy is @ her other job in dental today unless they have cancellations.
I rearranged the sitting room yesterday and after reading The French Inspired Home I'm ready to take on more. I also need to make a list of shops and restaurants as we will be shopping in San Fran next week.

we sell the book at our
store McMaster & Storm

I talked to Becky @ Westminster fibers and the Amy Butler's Lotus fabric collection will be shipping out in approx. 2 weeks, can't wait. Our customers have been bugging us about it which is a good sign, I love the collection.

The new Country Living came out and I love the new issue it's filled with "creating" stories.
Darcy and I along with Amber of Main Street
Greenville will be attending the "Celebration of Creativity" in Chicago next month, presented by Country Living.
March is national crafting month!

Best, Kara & Darcy too