Pictures of McMaster & Storm

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pictures of the store's interior.


Anonymous said...

McMaster and Storm is my favorite store! It is where I tell my friends and family to shop for my Christmas and birthday gifts! Kara and Darcy always wrap gifts for you and I am always SO excited to get a gift with their signiture wrapping!
Their products are always changing and it is always wonderful! If I go more than a week without stopping in I go into withdrawal!
If your home decor needs a boost McMaster and Storm is the place to shop! Need a gift? There's no other place to shop for one-of-a-kind, sure to please gifts.
My husband shopped there for my Christmas gifts this past season and I had the best Christmas gifts ever!
I recommend you check out McMaster and Storm at your earliest convenience!
Thanks, Darcy and Kara for bringing us such a wonderful "petite department store"! I'm looking forward to more great shopping with you!
J. Flory

Anonymous said...

I have a small shop in NJ and it seems similar in style. I enjoyed peeking at your pictures!

McMaster & Storm said...

May we ask your store name? We love to shop other stores that are one of a kind. Also, we are working on a wholesale line! Let us know if you would like to receive info. We might even post it on our blog.
Do you have a blog?
Best, Kara & Darcy